Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't know why I choose this photo for my blog today, I guess because my Sylvester is just so cute.
 I was sifting through photos and just wanted to share my kitty with the rest of you. The funniest story about this cat is that his name used to be Sylvia. When I purchased him, at the pet store I was told he was a female. I had asked for a female because we had a female cat already and we thought it would be best.  Well, she was the cutest little black and white kitty and looked just like the cartoon cat, Sylvester so I named her Sylvia. I scheduled her vet appointment and took her in for shots and they scheduled for her to be spayed in about 6 weeks. On the 5th week, I was at work, when ben called me and excitedly said, "where'd you get that cat and does she come with papers" I said "I got her at the pet store in the mall and she came with a receipt, but not pedigree papers". He said "well, I need to talk to you when you get home." So I rushed home after work, all the  while wondering what was the problem..... When I walked in the door, Ben greeted me with the most curiously silly grin on his face. "What's wrong", I asked. "That is not a girl cat", he chuckled, Sure enough, we had to change her name to Sylvester. We were literally rolling all over the floor laughing until our eyes watered and our faces hurt from laughing. Luckily we discovered the mistake before I took him in to be spayed....although the vet hadn't caught the gender mistake either.

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  1. He is very cute.I just wish I could pet him.I love cats but my body doesn't seem to.Oh well maybe when I finally get to the new earth maybe God will have animals there and I will have as many as God will let me have.LOL! I could be a cat lady in the future! J/K!