Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homeschooling allows us to volunteer

We went to the Eden Clinic in Norman to help stuff and label envelopes for their upcoming banquet and fundraising auction. Our friend, Mark Heihle set this opportunity up for us and we look forward to helping them again.  We worked for about 3 hours, and then dad treated us all to our next adventure, the OKC zoo aquarium. Anberleigh learned how to say "fish" and got to see the aquatic animals for the first time. We all took pictures and the girls and I drew pencil drawings of our favorite fish. Christian was wondering why we didn't go see any other animals while we were there, but that's one reason why I love the  zoo pass, we can go for just a short visit each time and not get overly exhausted. I look forward to the new Children's zoo that is currently under construction. it appears that they will be making it extra interesting for our children and the exhibits will be interactive. Well, the pictures aren't in order, but you get the idea! JaLynn's favorite sea creature was the red shrimp with long antennas. Bethany likes this blue and orange fish. I tried to draw an angel fish, which was my favorite. Ben and Bethany and I got captivated watching the sea turtles fighting, one had his head completely in the  other ones shell, it was very interesting to see them finally stop fighting. Christian really liked watching the sharks. Of course he was drawn to the piranha's tank, what boy doesn't like to see flesh eating fish? I think Anberleigh's favorite was the sea lions and otters, they were outside and inside and she watched them and clapped her hands when they swam by and they also snorted. She's learning so much every day. All of us got a good look at the sea horse's exhibit and we remembered seeing the babies that were hatched when we first started coming to the OKC zoo. Bethany remembers that they were "due" on her birthday that year.

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  1. Thanks so much for helping Mark out you guys!! We soooo appreciate it!